How to shop l Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. How to use: Candles
  • To ensure an even burn, light the wick across the candle as opposed to only one end. 
  • To enjoy the scent light it away from the flowers so you don’t smell the burning flowers first before the actual scent
  • When lighting our candles make sure not to place our candles on thin wood or plastic. Just like any other tin can, our cans tend to heat up. Lit candles should be kept away from toddlers as it might burn them when touching out of curiosity.
  • Advisable burning time 20-30 minutes a day. Make sure to trim your wicks after each use to avoid tunnelling and uneven burning. Light your candles on flat surface, imbalanced placement will cause uneven burning of the candles. (For Cotton wicks: we make sure to remove the plastic inside, please follow the instruction mentioned above to avoid the wick from falling onto the melted wax)
  • For customization of candles, kindly contact us on what design you want for your candles. For bulk orders contact us.



1.) DO NOT move the candle while burning-movement of the candle may cause uneven burning.

2.) Place candle on flat surface; like a table- uneven placement of the candle may also cause uneven burning to a certain side.

3.) If the top layer of the candle did not melt and tunnelling is observed (after 15-20 minutes) cover the top layer of the candle (vessel's mouth) with foil and heat it with a heat gun or hair dryer. You may also use just the heat gun/ hair dryer if there is no foil.- "Golden time" if you missed this the wick will sink, so it's better to observe always.

4.) If you left the candle on for long and the tunnel is deep, unfortunately the foil method will not work anymore as you missed the "golden time" of salvaging the candle. So please do the step (#3) as soon as you see the tunnel) in this case instead of throwing the candle, you may wait for the wax to solidify then scrape the wax and place it onto your wax burner, our use the candle warmer instead.

  1. 1 Is it safe? I’m scared the flowers might be flammable
  • Just like any other product being sold, we test our candles and each design before we let them out for you to purchase for safety reasons. Yes it is safe. You always have the option to ask us to remove designs for your candle. If you want to keep the designs you may, but make sure to burn the wick first and not the flower itself as you might smell the flower burning rather than the scent.
  • Make sure the wax is melted so the flowers can sink down, when burning our candles they look pretty inside of our melted wax.

  1. 2 How to use: Car fragrance
  • Remove the inner cap
  • Put on the wood cap and let the oil spill onto the wood cap
  • Open the wood cap and close the inner cap so no fragrance oil is wasted
  • Close back the wood cap (so the wood cap can absorb and release the scent)


  1. 3 How to use: Pet deodorant spray
  • Spray once a day about 5 inches away from your furr babies
  • Spray on their blankets and beds
  • DO NOT SPRAY directly to their eyes, mouth and nose. DO NOT SPRAY inside the ears.

  1. 4 How to pay:

Olk candle accepts the following payment methods (to be selected at checkout):

  • BPI, BDO and GCASH deposit 

    1. 5 How Long Does It Take To Process My Order?
    • As soon as payment is confirmed allow up to one to three working days for processing & courier pick up. 
    • After courier pick up for Metro Manila items should arrive by 2-3 days and 5-7 days for provincial areas

    [Effective only from January to March 2021: Due to our busy schedule with preparing for our workshop and walk-in store, we have scheduled our production day to every Saturday only. Shipping for both in Metro Manila and for Provincial will be scheduled for delivery/pick up only during Thursday-Friday and Saturday.

    Due to our current situation (COVID-19) our courier partners for our provincial deliveries had cut down riders. Only few riders left are assigned to be in a certain area for pick ups, so please expect a delay. Since this our provincial parcels arrives at their destination from 7-14 days instead of just 7 days during pre-covid deliveries. ]

      1. 6 How Do I Track My Order?
      • A tracking number from the courier will be provided as soon as the item has been scheduled for pickup or when the courier provides the tracking number.

      1. 7 How much is shipping? (WE SHIP NATIONWIDE)

      METRO MANILA (plastic) 90 PHP. Parcel can fit:

      -6 pcs 100g candles ONLY or 6 pcs 250g candles ONLY

      -6 pcs Nuvem ONLY or 6 pcs Lumiere ONLY


      PROVINCIAL (small) 155 PHP. Parcel can fit:

      -4 pcs 100gs candles ONLY or 3 pcs 250g candles ONLY

      -1 pc Nuvem ONLY or 1 Lumiere ONLY


      PROVINCIAL (big) 245 PHP. Parcel can fit:

      - 7 pcs 100g candles or Fits  6 pcs 250g candles 3kg max

      2 pcs Nuvem ONLY or 2 pcs Lumiere ONLY

      • Once items are picked up we won’t be liable for any damages. Kindly ask our courier partner for updates on your delivery. Make sure to place in your full address.



      BIR in process.